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Clear Correct Invisible Braces Before and After Photos

Clear Correct Invisible Braces Before and After Photos | Palm SpringsClear Correct invisible braces are an innovative solution in dentistry to improve teeth alignment without compromising the oral aesthetics during the course of the treatment. At the time of initial consultation, the dentist will explain the steps involved in the braces procedure, and educate the patient about the advantages of Clear Correct braces.

Some dentists may also present Clear Correct invisible braces before and after photographs during the consultation. This will help the patient understand the potential effectiveness of the procedure. Fantastic and committed cosmetic dentist Dr. Rob Strain provides Clear Correct aligners to patients in Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and surrounding locations in this area of the nation.


What are Clear Correct Aligners Before and After Images?

Before and after images in case of Clear Correct invisible braces refer to a set of pictures relating to a previous patient who has undergone the same treatment with satisfactory results. The set includes images taken before the procedure and after the procedure at a stage when the complete course of aligner treatment is over and the teeth have acquired their new desired position.

The dentist will take care to ensure that the photographs are obtained with the proper consent of the patient and presented before new patients in an appropriate way. The patient’s identity may be kept confidential as per the established protocol. The dentist’s sole purpose in this endeavor is to use the photos as a visual aid to explain to new patients what the Clear Correct invisible braces can or cannot do for them.



Many new patients may be concerned about the potential effectiveness of invisible plastic aligners such as Clear Correct. They may like to be sure whether these aligners can produce results similar to that of traditional metal braces. In some cases, the patient may only require minor realignment of teeth, while in other cases, substantial correction of spaces, crowding or teeth alignment may be needed.

In each case, the patient will be in a better position to make the right decisions when they have access to Clear Correct invisible braces before and after photos. The state of the art dental office of the focused and adept Dr. Strain is equipped to provide Clear Correct aligners to patients in Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and other cities across the horizon in this area of California.


Realistic Expectations

In any aesthetic or corrective dental procedure, the most satisfying results are often achieved by patients who have a positive frame of mind, clear goals and realistic expectations. Therefore, an experienced cosmetic dentist will prefer to present Clear Correct invisible braces before and after photos at the very first appointment.

Once the patient knows what to expect and what not to expect from the treatment, they can make a well-considered choice. Such patients will usually be able to appreciate the final results since they have already been envisioning this reality ever since the patient saw the digital pictures on Dr. Strain’s golden website.


Online Photos

The dentist has an option to provide Clear Correct before and after photos on their practice website which Dr. Strain does as already indicated. If the dentist is active on social media, they may also share the photos via social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The game changer here is digital technology. Digital technology has opened up new avenues for industries across the board and the plastic surgery industry has jumped all in. Now patients from all walks of life can see what to expect before they even make one phone call. They can focus on this type of dental work and overall facial appearance by looking at those amazing cutting edge pictures online.

And any patient can do this for free. Without making one sound. They do not have to disclose their intentions to anyone, not even their immediate family members. This means that any patient that does sign up for Clear Correct invisible braces will know what they are signing up for which reduces their anxiety to a more comfortable degree. This is better for Dr. Strain and everyone else involved.

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