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Diastema: Gap between Teeth

Diastema: Gap between Teeth Causes & Treatment

Image result for Gap between TeethGap or space between two teeth is clinically called diastema. This condition typically occurs between the two upper front teeth, but gaps can exist between any two teeth. The patient will be able to notice the gap while brushing or flossing. Alternatively, the dentist can point out diastema during a general dental exam.

It is possible to correct diastema using orthodontic or dental repair, depending on the nature and cause of the problem. Experienced and sagacious cosmetic dentist Dr. Rob Strain of Studio Dentistry provides treatment for diastema and various other oral health issues to patients in Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and surrounding communities.

Causes and Symptoms

If there is a mismatch between the size of the teeth and the size of the jaw bones, it can result in the development of extra space between teeth. If the teeth are too small for the jaw bone, diastema will occur. In some cases, a few teeth may be undersized or missing, which may lead to creation of space. This is particularly common with the upper lateral incisors.

Habits such as thumb sucking and incorrect swallowing reflux can also create gaps between the teeth. Periodontal disease may cause loss of bone, leading to teeth becoming loose. This movement can create gaps between the front teeth. Diastema caused due to the mismatch between the teeth and jaw will have no symptoms. But spaces caused due to tongue thrust habit or periodontal disease will tend to grow with the passage of time.


Many people seek dentistry solutions for diastema for reasons of appearance. However, sometimes a diastema may be a part of a set of problems that require orthodontic treatment. Braces are a time-tested solution for diastema. The patient is often required to wear a full set of braces, irrespective of the location of the diastema.

If the lateral incisors are too small, crowns, veneers or bonding may have to be applied to widen them. If the diastema has occurred due to missing teeth, the patient will need significant dental repair. This may include dental bridge, partial denture, or dental implants.

If the diastema has occurred due to a large labia frenum, a surgery may have to be performed to reduce the frenum. In case of younger children, the gap may close on its own after the surgery, but in older children or adults, surgery may have to be followed by braces treatment.

If periodontal disease has led to the diastema, the patient will require periodontal treatment. Once the gum health is restored, braces may have to be used to move the teeth into their original position. A dental bridge may be required in some cases to close the space.

If an adult has a space between the teeth or they notice a gap in their child’s mouth, they should get in touch with a dentist. Depending on the cause of the gap, orthodontic or periodontal treatment may have to be included in the overall treatment plan. Dr. Strain’s dental office receives patients from Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and nearby areas for diastema treatment.


If you would like to learn more about the dental procedures and treatments performed by cosmetic dentists Dr. Rob Strain, DDS and Dr. Laura Wittenauer, DDS please call us at 760.568.9494 or click here. Serving new patients in Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, Palm Desert and surrounding areas.

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