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dental cleaningYou have invested your time, money and energy into a healthy and beautiful smile. You can keep it that way with ongoing care, both at home and from your dental office.

Car collectors invest time and money into vintage automobiles, which are then hidden in garages, only to be brought out for an occasional show. Beautiful teeth, on the other hand, are displayed to the delight of their owner and acquaintances many times a day. They are used for masticating, pronouncing our words, and holding our lower jaw in position. As they are used and as we age, there will be changes that affect their health. But, they do not have to wear out!

In a lifetime smile, where causative factors for dental disease, such as bacterial plaque, sugar habits, smoking, and a nighttime grinding have been controlled, these changes are very subtle and will require minimal dental treatments. Preservative care is essential, however, to limit the need for more extensive or repeat dentistry. Rust on an automobile is easiest to control before we see it or even at its onset. So it is with dental decay, gum disease and tooth wear.

Routine Dental Cleaning

A routine pattern of dental cleanings and exams with x-rays is the most common trait of patients with beautiful and healthy smiles. If you are maintaining your smile with compromised conditions (e.g. dry mouth, rapid calculus formation, existing wear), that may indicate a need for dental visits as frequently as every two or three months. You should also follow your dental professionals’ recommendations for fluoride and Xylitol use to reduce the effects of concentrated acids in your mouth. Most healthy mouths can be maintained with semi-annual cleanings and annual x-ray exams. Rely on your dental professional, not your insurance company, to set the most beneficial period to maintain you in excellent health.

Excellent home care that includes both brushing AND flossing is the second common trait of patients with lasting dentistry. Patients who floss on a daily basis maintain healthier gums, reduce dental decay and reduce bacterial exposure to their heart and lungs.

Patients with grinding or clenching habits should take precautions to reduce wear, breakage of teeth and temporomandibular joint symptoms. Even after dental restoration of a damaged bite, it may be necessary to wear a bite splint (bite guard) to reduce trauma to the teeth, bone, muscles and joints.

The mouth is one area where we can be the most successful in overcoming the effects of the aging process. Participate in your care, trust your dentist and love your teeth. Happy smiling!

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