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Most adults will have an adverse experience with their teeth during the second half of their life. You can avoid painful and costly experiences if you act in time.

In these articles you will find PRO-TIPs that can change your smile and your life. Many dentists know this information, but simply do not have a half-hour or more to share it with each of their patients.

In the Add Life to Your Smile articles you will discover:

  1. Why are so many seniors ravaged by dental decay? How do smart dentists recognize this disease IN ADVANCE?
  2. How can you practically guarantee that you will have little or no drilling on your teeth during the last 20 years of your life?
  3. What is the most overlooked cause of dental disease? How can you save yourself from the adverse consequences of this disease?
  4. 90% of all American adults suffer from some degree of periodontal (gum) disease. Many have loosening of teeth, pain, and extractions. Some dentists are successfully treating some stages of this disease without surgery. Find out how!
  5. Modern materials technology has completely changed the standards for dental care. Some of our tried and true materials are destined to fail. New materials can provide substantially longer service. But some new materials could spell disaster for you, your dental health and your pocketbook. Discover what your risks are for various materials that are popular today.
  6. A beautiful smile can make you appear years younger. Do you have a friend who suddenly looks five or ten years younger AND you know she (or he) didn’t have plastic surgery? You will learn whether you qualify to have years taken off your looks.
  7. Recent studies demonstrate that an unhealthy mouth can result in premature heart disease. Have you taken the necessary and easy steps to protect yourself and reduce your risk of early heart failure? Learn the one step you can take at home that could add years to your life.
  8. Do you have a ravaged mouth? Are you missing four or more teeth? If so, chances are you get sweaty every time you think of a visit to the dentist? New techniques can reduce your fear to a minimum. How do you find a dentist who knows these techniques and can turn fearful to cheerful?
  9. Dental insurance can be dangerous. Dentists know that patients who do not have insurance possess the healthiest and most beautiful smiles. Patients on HMO plans have the least healthy mouths. Does that mean insurance is bad? Not at all! But, watch out! You could easily become a victim of insurance traps.

In any health discipline, recommendations and treatments will change. Please note the publication date. Your dentist will provide any updated information.

Dr. Robert Strain
Studio Dentistry
Rancho Mirage, California

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