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Veneer & Smile Design Gallery

(Dental Before and After photos of actual Studio Dentistry patients)

Contact Us Today!We take pride in offering the finest veneer solutions available in our area. The cases presented offer solutions to discoloration, spacing, crowding, wear and shape issues. We utilize the accomplished ceramic artists who utilize both feldspathic and pressed ceramics. You will also note that cases may look very natural or may be “Hollywood” white if that is the patient’s preference.

One to Four Front Teeth Gallery

One of the most challenging procedures in cosmetic dentistry is matching one or two front teeth to the existing adjacent teeth. Shape, color qualities, translucency, texture and gum outlines all come into play. The cases shown demonstrate what can be done for patients with old, unsightly restorations or discolored teeth or when one or two front teeth are replaced by implant supported restorations.

Reconstruction Gallery

Dental reconstruction refers to rebuilding all the upper or lower teeth or both. Reasons for a reconstruction include replacement of old restorations, creating a more harmonious smile, supporting facial structures (especially for loss of vertical facial height). There are many functional and esthetic advantages to restoring teeth in this manner. When finances are a consideration, it is often possible to provide treatment in stages.

Replacement Gallery

his gallery includes dental before and after photos of Fixed Bridges and Implant solutions. Although implants are “state of the art” there are certain situations where fixed bridges are selected by the patient or required by the dentist.

Composite Bonding Gallery

Composite bonding materials provide outstanding and affordable results. They are used for treating dental decay, replacing discolored or broking fillings, repairing fractured or worn teeth, and improving the color and shape of teeth. Composite bonding may even be used to create an entirely new smile by what is referred to as “direct veneers”. Direct veneers are most often done on younger patients or for cost savings on older adults or as an intermediate procedure as a part of a reconstruction.

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