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Properly done, all-ceramic crowns blend naturally with the gum tissues and do not have the bright, opaque areas common in porcelain fused-to-metal crowns.

Contact Us Today!All-ceramic crowns can be beautiful restorations. They can also be very strong. Until a few years ago, there were some problems with all-ceramic crowns fracturing, especially when used on molars. This is much less an issue now with the development of the latest materials. All-ceramic crowns are a great choice for patients with esthetic concerns and patients with metal allergies.

Our favorite materials are E-Max (trade name) and zirconium based crowns. E-Max is gorgeous and can look very natural. Its wear properties are similar to natural teeth and can it be used in all but the strongest bite situations. Zirconium crowns may have just under surface made from zirconium ceramic or the entire crown made from zirconium. This material is extremely hard and very resistant to breakage. It is not as esthetic as E-Max, therefore we use it only on teeth not visible in the smile or in situations where extra strength is required.

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