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Contact Us Today!A direct veneer is made directly in the mouth with composite bonding, as opposed to the more common indirect veneer that is a ceramic material designed in the dental lab, then bonded to the tooth.

Applications for direct veneers are the same as for indirect veneers (to make teeth straighter, change color, close spaces, etc.). They can provide a gorgeous result in just a single day of treatment. The same or nearly the same amount of tooth surface is altered that would be altered for ceramic veneers. In cases of small teeth with spacing, this may be very minimal. When decay is present, this will be removed before the direct veneers are placed.

The primary reasons to choose direct veneers over indirect veneers are cost and tissue maturity. The cost is approximately one-third the cost of ceramic veneers. They are the treatment of choice when a person is negatively affected by the appearance of the smile, but cannot afford regular veneers or the gums still cover a substantial portion of the enamel.

Six upper direct veneers might require four hours or more to design properly. An additional appointment is normally required for finished polishing. Direct veneers cannot be expected to last as long as ceramic veneers last. They may require periodic polishing to retain a satisfactory luster. A patient deciding on direct veneers should understand that indirect veneers are the best future solution.

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