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Diagnostic Wax-Ups

Contact Us Today!Just as an we would have an architect draw up plans before any extensive remodel of our home, a dentist has a similar way of “drawing up” plans on models of your teeth. Wax is added to stone models of your teeth to demonstrate how we would like your new veneers or crowns to be shaped.

A diagnostic wax-up is a standard procedure for almost all smile designs or full mouth reconstructions performed in our office. The wax-up allows the dentist to visualize the amount of tooth structure to be removed and/or added and any problems associated with the preparation of your teeth.  If your bite is being changed, then the shape of your biting surfaces are idealized in wax prior to preparing your teeth. If the design of your smile is being altered, you will be able to see that shape on the diagnostic wax-up and then give the dentist feedback on how this “pre-design” meets your goals. Changes can usually be made quite easily in the wax.

The diagnostic wax-up is also used to make your provisional restorations that will be worn while your new teeth are being created at our dental laboratory. We may send the wax-up to the lab as a communication tool, or more likely, we will make impressions of your approved provisional restorations while they are in your mouth, and then we will transfer these models as a working guide for our technician.

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