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Take-Home Whitening

Contact Us Today!Take-home whitening or tray whitening is a cost effective and simple means to achieve brighter, healthier looking teeth. Tray whitening utilizes thin, nearly invisible trays that are custom designed to fit over your upper and teeth. Tray whitening has proved safe and effective for over 20 years with my patients.

Tray whitening uses a peroxide gel (usually carbamyl peroxide) in a glycerine base. There are various strengths of tray whitening gels. An average strength is about 20%, but stronger or weaker gels may be used depending on individual patient sensitivity. These gels have a short active life, so wear is generally suggested for just one-half to one hour just before or at bedtime. Additional wear time is generally harmless and ineffective. Depending on the amount of whitening desired and the density of enamel, trays may be worn anywhere from one to eight weeks. It is okay to skip a night or two during this time.

The same trays that are used for whitening products may also be of use to carry desensitizing gels (for sensitivity from recent whitening or other sensitivity) or for topical fluoride gels (for patients prone to root decay).

Advantages of take-home whitening:

  • Trays may be utilized over time
  • Easier to control sensitivity
  • More even whitening
  • Lower fee than in-office whitening

Disadvantages of take-home whitening:

  • Some patients don’t like feeling of gel
  • Requires some discipline to use nightly
  • Trays can be lost of destroyed

We encourage most patients to whiten their teeth. People who are pleased with their smiles tend to take better care of their mouths, potentially living longer, saving teeth and money. A couple of options that we make available to you are:

For patients who have had trays made the first time, or for patients who have trays from another dental office, we provide free touch-up gel twice a year at cleaning appointments.

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