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Zoom! Whitening

Contact Us Today!Zoom! Whitening is the gold standard and most popular system for in-office tooth whitening. Your visit will be one and one-half to two hours. Our team members have undergone thorough training to deliver this service skillfully. You will first have a starting shade determined. Your teeth will be isolated, while a retracting device holds your lips out from in front of the areas to be whitening. A resin material will be hardened over your gums and any exposed root surfaces. Then a strong gel will be placed over the exposed enamel to be whitened. An intense light will be directed just at the area to be whitened, while you doze in the chair. The gel and light procedure is repeated a couple of times, unless your teeth become sensitive, in which case treatment is concluded. You can expect your teeth to be whitened significantly.

Zoom whiteningAdvantages of in-office whitening:

  • Immediate results – one two two hour procedure
  • Ability to mask out sensitive root surfaces
  • Can limit to individual teeth
  • May result in initial blotchy appearance

Disadvantages of in-office whitening:

  • Teeth can remain sensitive for a day or two
  • Repeat treatments (for example, two years later) will incur a repeat charge
  • Higher fee than take-home whitening

Many patients who have Zoom! whitening do their own touch-ups on a regular basis with take-home (tray) whitening.

It was great. Each staff member greeted me and they walked me through the whole office. I highly recommend Studio Dentistry. They are great!!

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