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Antibiotic Therapy

Contact Us Today!The primary cause of periodontal disease is bacteria that sit in dental pockets. These bacteria produce toxins that cause inflammation and break down the connective tissue attachment that the gum forms with the tooth. Removing tartar through dental cleanings, scaling and root planing helps reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth. Your part of the job is to remove plaque with brushing, flossing and other aides.

We may employ many antibacterial mouth rinses and antibiotics to help reduce the pathogens in your mouth.  These therapies are either local or systemic. Rinses, such as chlorhexedine gluconate, can be very effective at treating inflammation for a short period of time.

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Local Antibiotics

Arestin is placed under the gum in deeper pocket areas.Local antibiotics, placed under the gum in deeper pocket areas are effective at shrinking pockets by killing bacteria, thus reducing bacteria. We use Arestin. This diagram shows its placement. Arestin sticks inside the pocket for a week to ten days while it is working. Another localized measure available to us is laser pocket sterilization

Systemic Antibiotics

Periodontal pathogens report

This is a portion of a periodontal pathogen report that is returned following a saliva sample. It helps determine the best treatment modalities.

Some mouths are resistant to localized treatments and systemic antibiotics may be prescribed. We may choose to prescribe what we believe may be most effective, or we may take a saliva test to determine if you one or more of the most pathogenic bacteria that occur commonly in the mouth. If we run this test, the most effective antibiotics for treatment will be determined.

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