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Periodontal Health

Contact Us Today!Unhealthy gums are dangerous. Not only can they result in bone loss and eventual costly and disfiguring tooth loss, they are implicated in general health situations. We are committed to helping our patients achieve and maintain exceptional periodontal health.

Recently, an American Heart Association report says that periodontal disease does not cause heart disease. We do not believe this is adequate information for us to lessen our  mission to help you establish oral health.

For years, the AHA recommended prophylactic antibiotics for patients with mitral valve disease. This recommendation has been relaxed because it is deemed more important to maintain oral health throughout the year, not just on the day of your dental cleaning. This seems to say that they do recognize gum health as an important part of general health and heart health in particular.

The presence of periodontal disease is also more common in diabetics and premature childbirth. One thing we do know is that periodontal disease can give us similar blood test results at other diseases. If we eliminate periodontal disease, we can improve test results. It makes sense that the same pathogenic bacteria that enter your blood stream through your mouth can also enter your bloodstream through your stomach.

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Our periodontal program, whether it is basic services or our Centers for Dental Medicine Program are designed to help you live longer and look better. In short, we aim to “Add Life to Your Smile”.
There are a number of options we have available in our program:

  • Regular Cleanings (Dental Prophylaxis)
  • Root Planing
  • Local Antibiotic Placement
  • Laser Pocket Sterilization

Local Antibiotic Placement

Periodontal pockets are determined unhealthy if they have a depth of 4 or more millimeters or in the presence of inflammation and bleeding. Placement of antibiotic fibers (Arestin) under the gum in areas of periodontal pockets is an effective non-sugical way to reduce bacterial inflammation and pocket depth. This treatment may be combined with laser pocket sterilization to hasten results.  For each treatment with Arestin, we can expect one to two millimeters decrease in pocket depth.

Laser Pocket Sterilization

In addition to or instead of local antibiotic placement, we often recommend laser pocket sterilization as a non-surgical option to achieve periodontal health. We utilize a diode laser with low output setting to kill bacteria in periodontal pockets. Our hygienist has been trained and certified in the use of the diode laser to treat periodontal pockets. For each treatment session, we expect about one millimeter of pocket shrinkage. This treatment may be done in multiple sessions if multiple pockets of five millimeters or more are present. When pockets are seven millimeters or greater, consultation and treatment with a periodontist may be necessary.

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