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Oral Systemic Screening

Contact Us Today!Two simple tests can help determine whether you have been or are a prime candidate for oral disease that affects your general health. These tests are conducted in just a few minutes in our office. We recommend these tests for patients who have had continued periodontal health issues and patients whose tissues do not respond to standard cleanings and scalings.

The first test uses an electronic periodontal pocket measurement device in conjunction with visual readings of bleeding points. Patients with excessive pocket measurement and bleeding points are encouraged to continue with more comprehensive testing and/or treatment.

The second test uses a swabbing of the bio-film around your gum line. Within a few minutes we can determine in the office whether you have pathogenic bacteria in your mouth. If the test comes out positive for pathogenic bacteria, more comprehensive testing and/or treatment is indicated.

Our office is a one of approximately 100 licensed Centers for Dental Medicine. You can be assured that we take your health seriously.

It was great. Each staff member greeted me and they walked me through the whole office. I highly recommend Studio Dentistry. They are great!!

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