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Snoring Appliances

Oral Sleep Appliances (OSAs)

Contact Us Today!There are literally hundreds of OSAs or anti-snoring appliances available for use. A few of the devices we are most likely to use are described.

Silent Nite & EMA Appliances

These are semi-adjustable appliances that are light weight. They are most suitable for moderate advancement of the lower jaw to bring the tongue forward and open the airway. This appliance is less costly than many of the appliances we utilize, but it is much less durable.


This is one of our most popular appliances because of the control it gives over the positioning of the lower jaw. It is sturdy adjustable by the patient which can result in the most ideal advancement of the lower jaw.


This is a sturdy appliance that is adjustable and provides additional freedom of movement of the lower jaw over what is provided by the above two appliances. It has a higher cost than the other appliances.

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