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Deep Scaling

Deep Scaling (Root Planing)

Contact Us Today!Deep scaling, more appropriately called “root planing” involves the removal of tartar (calculus) deposits from the part of the root surface that is hidden under the gum. This non-surgical procedure is recommended for patients who have pocket depths of four millimeters or greater, especially in the presence of bleeding. You will be evaluated by both the dentist and the hygienist, with pockets measured throughout your mouth and bleeding points recorded. Digital x-rays are an extremely important part of assessing and documenting the current situation and tracking changes over time.

Because some patients are tender in the areas to be treated, topical anesthetic or local anesthetic is used. The hygienist will use a series of scalers and curettes to access the affected root surfaces. Removal of the deposits will result in healing. In areas of very deep deposits, it may be necessary to return to those areas on subsequent appointments, since the tissue healing will then make it easier to gain access.

Dr. Wittenauer will help you determine if this non-surgical treatment is adequate to create health. If not, we are fortunate to have additional options. These include placement of antibiotics in the pocket areas (such as Arestin), diode laser pocket sterilization, dietary changes and supplements and referral to a specialist (periodontist) for surgical pocket correction and/or grafting.

The fee for deep scaling is based upon the additional training (expanded functions) required by the dental hygienist and the additional skills necessary.

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