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Implants From Mexico

Contact Us Today!We understand that implants are costly and we don’t fault patients for trying to find an affordable solution. However, we believe the patient needs to be informed before making a “Mexico” decision. Here are a few things to consider:

  • If a Mexican dentist informs you that he/she graduated from a dental school in the United States it most likely means they attended a Foreign Dentist Program at a school such as UCLA. The admission requirements are generally limited to completing a foreign dental school program and paying a large sum of cash. There is no other measurement of aptitude or skill necessary to attend such a program.
  • There is no recourse against a dentist in Mexico.
  • Because placement of implants and restorations occur in a very short period of time, there is not opportunity to for tissue healing. Therefore, there may be unhealthy food traps or unhealthy areas left in your mouth.
  • The foreign dentist may be using an implant system that is not easily available in the United States should replacement be necessary.
  • There is not a checks and balances system that occurs with a separate restorative dentist to specialist relationship.

It was great. Each staff member greeted me and they walked me through the whole office. I highly recommend Studio Dentistry. They are great!!

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