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Smile Lifts

Contact Us Today!A “smile lift” refers to restoring lost facial height to give a more youthful appearance. Many patients lose facial height in the lower half of the face during the aging process. This can be from loss of teeth, tooth wear from grinding, or movement of the teeth into the jaws from clenching (intrusion of the teeth).

Patients that can benefit from a smile lift may have some or all of the following facial characteristics:

  • Short lower half of the face
  • Thin or hidden lips
  • Hidden smile
  • Extra skin or wrinkles in the lower half of the face
  • Depression below lower lip

A bite opening splint may be suggested prior to treatment. The proper placement of upper front teeth is commonly the next step. Most often, all the upper teeth or all the lower teeth are restored at one time.  If all the teeth are restored at one time, this is called a full mouth reconstruction. There are options to do this treatment is smaller stages to make treatment fit a budget. If you wish to proceed in stages, you should let the doctor know and the most suitable sequence will be discussed.

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