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Conscious Sedation

Contact Us Today!Conscious sedation has been a wonderful addition to our practice over the past eight years. Patients who have been “scared stiff” of the dentist are able to make major progress in addressing their dental needs in a single conscious sedation appointment. These patients remain comfortable throughout the appointment and usually experience significant amnesia regarding the procedure. What could be better!

Conscious sedation involves the use of a small pill (most often triazolam), which is in the same drug family as diazepam (Valium), only it acts quicker and more effectively and has the added amnesiac benefit. Our patients who receive sedation dentistry often fall asleep during part of treatment, but are easily aroused. All patients who have extensive dentistry done at one sitting (three hours or more) should ask about conscious sedation.

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is available for patient who have extreme fear, have an extreme gagging response or are medically compromised to the point that conscious sedation is not appropriate.

Our general anesthesia patients are treated in an outpatient surgical center with the services of a nurse anesthetist or anesthesiologist.

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